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Tremendous changes recently taking place in the political and economic spheres of Myanmar as well as high potential in various sectors have brought plenty of opportunities and hopes for Myanmar people as well as for international investors.md

The investment of international giant companies are rolling into Myanmar due to not only favorable geographical location, vast land, long coastline, seaport access, abundant and attractive natural and human resources but also policy changes and business opportunities in Myanmar. However, inherent obstacles and challenges are still remaining for international investors in exploring business and investment opportunities, which include obtaining updated rules and regulations, procedures, business information, etc. In addition to these, finding competent and reliable local partners has also become critically important and necessary in entering Myanmar market.

In this exciting time of challenges and prospects, I feel very privileged to introduce you to the Bright Time Group of Companies as a privately owned Myanmar company, which has maintained the highest level of credibility and good reputation for its strong commitment and dedication in the business circle of Myanmar.

Bright Time as a group started as a trading house in 1999 and progressively expanded to manufacturing, telecom, agriculture, mining, energy such as oil and gas. I am honoured to present some business activities carried out under the umbrella of Bright Time Group of Companies.

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